We are a family striving to serve JESUS by intentionally looking at the needs of the broken people around us....lovin on and praying for transformed lives. Here we are, Lord. Use us!

For even the SON of MAN came NOT to be served...but to SERVE others and to give HIS own life as a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:28

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear friends and family, 
Merry Christmas from Keystone, South Dakota!!
It has been quite some time since we’ve updated you on life and ministry.  The last 9 months have taken us from one extreme to another.  The adventure has been tough, at times, yet sweet because all the Lord is doing in us.  He is deeply loving us and holding us as we press into Him.  Moving twice in the last 7 months is on the list of LEAST favorite things to do. Seriously. However, GOD IS SO GOOD!!

Our time in Houston was by far the most stretching season for us as a family, yet we LOVED ministering there with the Keystone Project Team.  We know that we know that God sent us to Houston ~ to learn more about completely trusting Him to be our provider.  We learned many lessons and have some incredible memories from being in Houston.  There are many new things at the Ortmann home ~ we live in a new town with a different climate, in a different state, in a different house, and new responsibilities.  We are looking forward to a new year.

We’ve been in Keystone, South Dakota for 2 months now.  We are constantly overwhelmed by the Lord’s abundant blessing.  If we started to write out ALL the Lord has provided and done for us, it would be never ending.  When we arrived in SD, we thoroughly enjoyed the fall season.  Now our kiddos are loving the snow….and the new normal of deer and turkey in the yard.  We live in the Black Hills National Forest on an amazing piece of property with a beautiful creek, trees, huge boulders, etc…..And we’re only 2 miles from Mt. Rushmore ~ so come visit!

Suzie is still home schooling ~ Bailey is 16 and a junior, Riley is 14 and in 8th grade, Kale is 12 in 6th and Kolton is 7 and in 2nd grade.  One of Suzie’s favorite things (Christmas music is also a fave)is reading Christmas cards/letters…..so bring ‘em on.

Stuart’s responsibilities with The Keystone Project have changed a little with our move from Houston, TX to Keystone, SD.  He now spends his days working on the Keystone Ministry Center getting it ready to use for conferences and discipleship training events.  It is a enormous blessing to be able to work side by side with his twin brother ~ which hasn’t happened for over 20 years.

We are so anticipating opening of the gifts under our tree.  Even more than that, we’re anticipating celebrating JESUS’ birthday.  We acknowledge that everything we have comes from the Lord.  The greatest gift ever given was the gift of eternal life.  Our prayer for you is that you will seek after the Lord and experience the one and ONLY TRUE GOD.  It really is all about Jesus!!  Happy Birthday Jesus! Hugs……

Celebrating HIS Birth
The Ortmann family
Stuart & Suzie
Bailey, Riley, Kale and Kolton

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